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     Our Services

Currently we are the provider of: 

      Therapeutic massage
      Chinese Medicine &
      Food/diet therapy

We are good at Pain management and Bell's Palsy. 
Some of the most common disorders treated in our clinic
are listed below.Partients should schedule a free consultation
with our practitioners to see if their condition is treatable:

- Pain management:
  Pain of the back, shoulder, neck, sciatic, muscle, limbs and joints; or pain resulting from sports; 
  Headaches, migraines and arthritis;

- Female infertility:
  Work with your OB doctor to increase the chance to  get pregnant and have a healthy baby. 

- Stress management and mental health: 
   Nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia, including PTSD, and menopause syndrome.

- Fatigue:
  Chronic fatigue, low energy & immunity and post cancer care 

- Urinary disorders:
  Frequent urination; 
  Enlarged prostate (BPH) with high PSA;

- Gastrointestinal disorders:
   Constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, anorexia and others.

- Stroke sequele:
   Loss of speech or motor skills after a stroke, and Bell's Palsy.