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Diet/Food therapy 食療

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                   -- 食療 --

Gout diet

Foods high in purines, try to avoid

  • Beer, alcoholic drinks
  • Organ meat: liver, kidney, sweetbread & heart
  • Anchovies, sardines in oil, fish eggs & herring
  • Yeast
  • Dried beans, peas & asparagus
  • Mussels, scallop
  • Mutton, veal bacon
  • Turkey, goose

 Foods low in purines, can be taken

  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Green leafy vegetables, fresh berries
  • Bananas
  • Pineapple
  • Citrus fruits
  • Breads, cereals, pasta, rice
  • Tuna, salmon
  • Nuts, seeds
  • Soy instead of meat
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Plenty of water

Herbal:  reduce urine acid to cure gout and stomach ache

Green papaya + green tea   (papaya must be green and not ripen)

  1. Place diced green papaya in cool water, bring to a boil, then add green tea; soak for 10 min, then drink the liquid.

          Drink daily for 2 weeks.

  1. Select a short and fat green papaya; cut off the top to form a lid; empty all the seeds and the middle part to form a kettle; place Wu long tea leaves inside; pour boiling water, and cover with the lid for 10 min; drink as regular tea for one month to fix stomach ache.

More milk for breast-feeding
         Food therapy        
Pig feet simmer with peanuts
pig feet - 2lbs, raw unshelled peanuts - 1/2 lb, wallnuts - 5 ounces, Dong Gui - 4 ounces, Chen Pi - 2 ounces, fresh  ginger - 2 ounces.
Preparation: 1) clean pig feet and rinse with hot water; add water to the level of covering up the pig feet and cook for 20 minutes;
                     2) put in peanuts, wallnuts, Chen Pi & fresh ginger, and cook until the peanuts become soft;
                     3) put in Dong Gui, and simmer for 3 minutes; then serve. 

Ingredients: Huang Qi 15 gm; Wang Bu Liu Sheng 9 gm; Dong Gui 9 gm, Ma Men Dong 9 gm, fresh ginger 5 slices
Preparation: 1. wash and clean all the herbs in a cheese cloth bag;
                     2. Add 1000 cc of water, soak all the herbs for 15 minutes;
                     3. Decot in high fire to bring it to a boil, the reduce fire to simmer for 15 minutes; 
              Divide the cooked liquid in two portions, and space the drinks in 4-6 hours. 

Soup for Spleen deficiency that causing chronic diarrhea (治脾虛久瀉) 徤脾湯
Lian Zi (蓮子) 15g
Bai Zhu (白朮) 15g
Fu Ling (茯苓) 9g
Shan Yao (山药) 15g
Lean pork meat half lbs. 瘦豬肉半磅

Cook with 5 bowls of water with slow heat after boiling for about an hour, until the Lian Zi become soft.

用五碗水煲, 滾後慢火煲大概一小時,至蓮子軟熟.