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Patient Testimony

Here are what the patients have said about David Cheng as listed at

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11/18/2011, Allison  W.  Spring, TX
I have been working with Mr. Cheng for a year now and he has helped me with various health issues that I have suffered through. He is patient and kind. His rates are low compared to many others. I highly recommend him.


11/11/2011, Robert  Ring, sugar Land, TX

I was searching for an alternative option to surgery for my left shoulder. I had pain and restricted movement due to deterioration. I went to David Cheng and felt relief after the second treatment. I continued the treatments and combined with the herbal medicines regained significant movement in the shoulder. I plan to continue treatment on a regular basis to continue the healing process.


3/2/2011  Randa Obeid, Sugar Land, TX

After suffering with pain and limited motion on my left shoulder for several months and trying medications and physical therapy prescribed by Orthopedic Doctors, I decided to try acupuncture. I searched on-line for acupuncturists in my area and was lucky to find David Cheng. I referred myself to David Cheng. Using a combination of chinese medicine, chinese herbs, acupuncture, and kindness, David was able to help me reduce the pain significantly and increase mobility of my "frozen" shoulder. It took only 6 sessions and now I am able to exercise my shoulder to completely gain back my strength and mobility. David Cheng is compasionate and his rates are very reasonable compared with other acupuncture clinics.



11/17/2010  Donald Fox, Houston, TX

Acupuncture has been a great source of support and relief for me. Having worked with David Cheng for about a year and a half, I am grateful for his wisdom, skill, and caring. His knowledge of acupuncture is enhanced by his understanding of herbal remedies and other alternative therapeutic practices